Bringing Imagination to the forefront

Images convey messages, remind us of cherished moments, inspire us, connect us, and focus us. Images capture ideas evolving in our mind. This is imagination. Every step forward on our journey as individuals, organizations, and communities involves imagination. Exercise your imagination with me.

Journey to Open Heartedness Book Club

Be a part of the ongoing discussion of our journey to open heartedness. Do you seek deeper presence, awareness of self, and connection to loved ones? Do you want to talk about what’s REALLY important? The pursuit of understanding important issues in our life opens our hearts and creates greater intimacy and capacity!

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Self management in the 21st century: accessing your personal power

Upcoming Events

Hosting Free Monthly demonstrations of Harmonyum Healing, a book club, and more...

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Encouraging playfulness, simulation, role play, and the use of games toward desired personal and systemic change. »


Workshops Lori has co-facilitated grounded in systems thinking.




Norma Radio

Inspired Conversations that unveil success in the 21st Century; Talent2Work On the ...


DEAF Project

Here for families with a child with hearing loss.


Wish You Were Here

Landscape Images for Lease, Lease to Own, or Purchase.